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Tenacious, meticulous, dedicated, honest, driven – these are just some of the words people routinely use to describe Brewer & Pritchard, a Houston, TX-based law firm with a proven track record of success. For more than two decades, professional clients throughout the country have relied on our attorneys to handle a wide range of legal issues. Whether you’re a whistleblower taking a stand against corruption or Medicaid fraud or you work for a corporation negotiating a business-changing merger or sale, we can help.

For over 22 years, our highly skilled, experienced attorneys have represented individuals, businesses – large and small, public and private – industry, financial services, and even governments. We’ve handled transactions of virtually every shape and size, particularly in the areas of business law and corporate finance law. Such transactions include mergers & acquisitions, forming companies and taking them public, debt and equity financing, representing businesses in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) matters and defending against regulatory action.

Whistleblower lawyers, Medicaid fraud attorneys you can trust

We have handled lawsuits in federal and state courts throughout the United States involving business-to-business disputes, product liability, whistleblower and False Claims Act cases, Medicaid fraud, and insurance coverage disputes. We also have handled numerous national and international arbitrations.

We don’t tell clients what to do. We listen. We learn about your legal needs, and then we work with you to develop a strategy that addresses your specific legal issue. No two cases are ever exactly alike. The same should be true for whatever action you decide to take. We’re simply here to advise you. You ultimately make the decision. You’re in change.

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It’s this client-focused approach that sets us apart from many other law firms. We take this approach because we believe you know your business or legal issue better than anyone else. That’s probably why we have so many satisfied clients throughout the country. We treat people with dignity and respect.

Don’t underestimate the seriousness of your legal issues. Even if your case seems straightforward, we know that many legal problems often come up when people least expect them. Don’t be caught off guard. Stay one step ahead. Contact us today. We respect our clients’ privacy and work discreetly on every case. Call 800-445-8710 or fill out our online inquiry form and schedule an appointment.

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