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Movies and Books About Whistleblowers

"The Constant Gardner," "The Informant!" and "All the President's Men" part of long list

Whistleblowers have long been the focus of many movies and books about corruption, bribes and other illegal activity. From serious, Academy Award-nominated dramas like "The Insider" and "Michael Clayton" to movies like "The Informant!" whistleblowers routinely play a major role in movies and books in American society. We respect and admire these people because they take a stand against government corruption, price fixing, concealing information about dangerous drugs and other illegal activity.

It takes tremendous courage for a whistleblower to step forward and bring attention to the proper authorities. We can stand by your side throughout the process and protect your rights and privacy. Contact Brewer & Pritchard today. Call 800-445-8710.

As many popular movies and books illustrate, whistleblowers can come from all walks of life. They include police officers, government employees, corporate executive, factory workers and lawyers. These movies also clearly demonstrate just how complicated whistleblower cases can be in America. That's why many whistleblowers, whether real or fictional, usually are working with an attorney to help them hold corrupt individuals, companies and public officials accountable for their actions.

Whistleblowers movies and books - profiles in courage and bravery

Some of the best-known movies and books about whistleblowers include:

  • "A Civil Action" - A non-fiction book by Jonathan Harr made into a movie starring John Travolta as an attorney who helped a Massachusetts family hold several companies accountable for contaminating the town's water supply, causing increased incidences of leukemia.
  • "All The President's Men" - A non-fiction book by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein made into a movie starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman about the Watergate scandal that lead to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Woodward, played by Redford, obtained much of his material from an anonymous whistleblower known only as "Deep Throat," who was later revealed to be FBI Associate Director Mark Felt.
  • "The Constant Gardner" - A novel by John le Carre and fictional movie starring Ralph Fiennes about a drug company that secretly tests a drug that results in death of children in Africa. The novel and movie were loosely based on clinical drug trials conducted in poor African neighborhoods by American drug companies.
  • "Erin Brockovich" - A movie starring Julia Roberts based on the real-life story of the title character, a legal clerk who blew the whistle on Pacific Gas & Electric for contaminating the water supply in Hinkley, CA, resulting in higher rates of cancer and other serious health problems. The case was settled for $333 million.
  • "The Informant!" - A movie starring Matt Damon based on the nonfiction book of the same name by journalist Kurt Eichenwald about Mark Whitacre, a whistleblower who exposed a price-fixing scheme by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), where Whitacre worked as a corporate executive. This cautionary tale resulted in Whiteacre being imprisoned for eight years for embezzling $9.5 million.
  • "The Insider" - A movie starring Russell Crowe playing the real-life whistleblower Jeffrey Wigand, a former vice president of research and development at a tobacco company who revealed that several cigarette companies had increased the amount of nicotine in their cigarettes while concealing the information.
  • "Michael Clayton" - A fictional movie starring George Clooney about a lawyer who helps uncover an agricultural company's attempts to hide the deadly effects of its products.
  • "Serpico" - A book and movie starring Al Pacino based on the real-life whistleblower Frank Serpico, a New York City Police Department officer who went undercover to reveal corruption on the police force.
  • "Silkwood" - A true story made into a movie starring Meryl Streep about Karen Silkwood, a labor activist who died mysteriously in a car accident soon after she testified about the harmful effects of plutonium at the factory where she worked in Oklahoma.

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