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Do Whistleblowers Have to Reveal Their Identity?

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In many cases involving fraud or illegal activities by companies, whistleblowers can remain anonymous when they report criminal activity to authorities. The IRS allows whistleblowers reporting suspected tax fraud to remain anonymous. And in certain cases, you legally cannot reveal your identity when reporting criminal activity. This is true for qui tam law. When you file a qui tam lawsuit in federal court, you must do so confidentially "under seal," meaning the lawsuit is kept secret by the whistleblower while the government investigates such allegations. If you violate these provisions, your qui tam lawsuit could be dismissed by the government.

Before pursuing a whistleblower case, contact us. We can privately discuss your case with you and explain all your legal options. We have years of experience working with whistleblowers throughout the world on a wide range of cases. We thoroughly understand the laws governing whistleblowers. We know how to analyze complicated legal documents. We know how to gather information. Most important, we know how to build strong legal cases.

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