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Can I File a Qui Tam Lawsuit?

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Whistleblower fraud cases involving qui tam actions can seem confusing to people unfamiliar with such legislation. The Latin term itself sometimes throws people off. But even people who understand the principles of qui tam law often have many questions. And near the top of the list is whether someone can personally file a qui tam lawsuit.

The basic premise of qui tam law revolves around financially rewarding people who report fraud, primarily involving taxpayer money used to pay for goods or services. These laws have existed for hundreds of years. And while the precise rules have changed, the basic concept remains the same: people should be financially rewarded for reporting fraud.

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In order to understand whether you can file a qui tam lawsuit, it's important to consider some other questions about this area of law. We're familiar with some of the most frequently asked questions about qui tam law. We acquired this information though our extensive work on qui tam lawsuits in Texas and throughout the country. Some of the most common questions we have encountered at Brewer & Pritchard include:

Do I have to be a government employee to file a qui tam lawsuit?

No. Anyone can file a qui tam lawsuit if they have evidence of fraud against the federal government or any government agency. What matters is what information you have documenting overbilling, double billing, kickbacks or other corrupt practices.
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Can I file a qui tam lawsuit against a private business?

Yes. Qui tam law encompasses private business. As a result, whistleblowers can be financially compensated for providing evidence of fraud committed by a private company.
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Where can I file a qui tam lawsuit?

You must a file qui tam lawsuit in federal court confidentially "under seal," meaning the lawsuit is kept secret by the whistleblower while the government investigates such allegations. If you violate these provisions, your qui tam lawsuit could be dismissed by the government. 
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How are qui tam lawsuits different from regular lawsuits?

People can file a lawsuit for a wide range of reasons. Qui tam lawsuits can only be filed if someone suspects fraud or other types of corruption. The principle behind qui tam lawsuits in the United States dates back to 1863, when the False Claims Act became law. But origins of qui tam law began in the 14th Century, when people in England could take such legal action on behalf of the king.
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Who investigates qui tam lawsuits?

Government officials in the U.S. Department of Justice normally handle most investigations involving qui tam lawsuits. These cases can often be very difficult to prove. That's because many people try to conceal evidence of their wrongdoing. That's why we often actively investigate such allegations - to make sure our clients' cases get the attention they rightfully deserve.
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Why are people financially compensated for filing a qui tam lawsuit?

Offering a financial incentive for reporting fraud has a long-standing tradition in American society. People who decide to pursue a qui tam lawsuit put themselves at great risk. And because the U.S. government increased the amount of money people receive under the False Claims Act in 1986, there has been a significant increase in the number of qui tam claims. Specifically, qui tam lawsuits have helped the government recover $27 billion in taxpayer money since 1986. In one recent case, a whistleblower received $15.4 million for helping uncover the largest Medicaid fraud scheme in the country.
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Holding the government or large corporations responsible for fraud takes courage. With so much money at stake, many whistleblowers must defend their actions against intense investigations mounted by the people who committed such crimes. In some cases, whistleblowers can feel like they're the ones who did something wrong amid such scrutiny.

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