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What is Qui Tam Law?

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Qui tam actions deal primarily with whistleblower fraud cases. The Latin phrase dates back to 14th Century England, when King Edward II financially rewarded people who reported government fraud. But the qui tam cases are not relics of the past. Many people in the United States frequently file qui tam lawsuits and receive financial compensation for reporting fraudulent criminal activity involving government funds or private businesses. They often work with experienced qui tam attorneys who can protect their rights and help them obtain justice.

The laws covering qui tam cases in America date back to the 1600s. But it was the False Claims Act of 1863 that truly brought qui tam law into the modern era. The U.S. government created that law in reaction to widespread military contractor fraud during the Civil War. The law has since been revised several times and now covers fraud involving private businesses.

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People who successfully file qui tam lawsuits routinely receive financial compensation for their actions. Since 1986, when the False Claims Act significantly increased the amount of money citizens receive as a reward for reporting fraud, more than $27 billion in taxpayer funds has been recovered. In some case, some individuals have personally received millions of dollars as a reward for their qui tam case.

Qui tam whistleblower cases demand strong legal action. That's why it's critical you contact Brewer & Pritchard as soon as possible. We have years of experience investigating such claims, know what evidence to look for and how to build a strong legal argument. Case results matter here.

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We also understand the need for privacy in many qui tam cases. That's why we work discreetly with each client considering pursuing a qui tam case. Be aware that people who file a qui tam lawsuit can do so "under seal," meaning the lawsuit is kept secret by the whistleblower while the government investigates such allegations.

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