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Can I be Fired For Being a Whistleblower?

Houston law firm explains complicated rules regarding firing whistleblowers

Many people considering being a whistleblower don't come forward because they're afraid of losing their jobs. We understand your concerns if you have witnessed some kind of fraudulent activity or wrongdoing. As whistleblower lawyers, we realize many whistleblowers live in fear of being fired for speaking out against corruption. But many people might not know that laws exist specifically designed to protect whistleblowers from such reprisals. Federal, state and even city laws are in place to encourage whistleblowers to report fraud against the government. These laws protect them from retaliation. The federal False Claims Act prohibits an employer from harassing or retaliating against an employee for uncovering or reporting fraud against the government.

Even so, whistleblowers should be rightly concerned about the impact of their actions.

So what should whistleblowers do if they suspect they might be fired - or actually have been? Consider some of the most common questions people ask about whistleblowers being fired. Our whistleblower attorneys at Brewer & Pritchard have answers for you. We have helped many whistleblowers in Texas and throughout the country.

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Common questions about whether whistleblowers can be fired for exposing wrongdoing.

Are there laws that protect whistleblowers from being fired?

Yes. The False Claims Act and qui tam law include provisions that protect whistleblowers from being wrongfully terminated. The Whistleblower Protection Act also serves as a safeguard against being fired for speaking out against corruption and other illegal activities.
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What should I do if I'm fired for being a whistleblower?

Contact an experienced wrongful termination lawyer familiar with whistleblower cases. The sooner you take legal action against your employer, the better. A knowledgeable attorney can discuss all your legal options with you.
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What should I do if the government fires me for being a whistleblower?

Contact a lawyer familiar with the Whistleblower Protection Act. Created in 1989, this law was created to protect whistleblowers that work for the government and take action to stop corrupt government practices or illegal conduct. This federal law primarily protects government employees from disciplinary action for exposing criminal government activity, including kickbacks, corruption and fraud. 
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Who investigates wrongful termination claims filed by whistleblowers?

Often, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigates wrongful termination claims. But if you believe you were fired because of your role as a whistleblower, your case could be investigated by the FBI or Department of Justice depending on the nature of your whistleblower complaint. The Office of the Special Counsel, a federal agency, also handles investigations involving violations of the Whistleblower Protection Act. An attorney can help you review all your legal options.
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Can I sue my company for firing me for being a whistleblower?

Yes. Whistleblowers who are wrongfully terminated can sue their company. Under the False Claims Act, they can pursue financial compensation for being fired for being a whistleblower. Whistleblowers are often eligible to be reinstated, receive double back pay and financial compensation for any fees or legal costs incurred during this process.
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Reprisals from employers for doing the right thing are unacceptable and may be illegal. We know you have so much at stake by stepping forward as a whistleblower. With so much at stake, you need someone who will work hard to protect your rights and guide you in the right direction. When you contact us, we will provide you with the personal attention you deserve and take the time to learn about your case. We don't take a one-size-fits-all approach toward whistleblower cases. We tailor our strategy to address your specific needs.

Your case is about more than just money. It's about justice, and it's about holding people accountable for their actions. Discover what Brewer & Pritchard can do for you. Contact us today. We respect your privacy and will do everything we can to protect your rights. Call 800-445-8710 or fill out our online inquiry form and schedule an appointment.

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