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Can a Whistleblower Report Fraud at a US Military Base Overseas?

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Yes. That's the short answer to this question. Whistleblowers can report fraud at a U.S. military base overseas. But the full answer is much more complex and involves a wide range of laws in our country and perhaps even the country where the U.S. military base is located, according to Brewer & Pritchard, a whistleblower law firm in Houston serving clients throughout the world.

Even though many U.S. military bases are located in another country, the laws of the United States apply to all U.S. military bases, no matter where they're located. And under U.S. law, whistleblowers that have evidence of military fraud have the right to report such wrongdoing. This right falls under the False Claims Act, which was created in 1863 in an effort to eliminate widespread corruption among military contractors.

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Under the provisions of the False Claims Act, whistleblowers can receive a portion of the money recovered by the U.S. government as a reward for exposing fraud at overseas U.S. military bases. This might sound simple. But it's important that you have a lawyer on your side working just for you and looking out for your best interests.

Being a whistleblower at an overseas military base takes courage, and we work hard to protect whistleblower's rights. By taking a stand against corruption, you're standing up for every hard-working person in Texas and across the country. The least we can do is make sure your personal rights are protected during this complicated process.

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Having an experienced law firm on your side enables you to take a strong stance in your whistleblower case. Remember, you'll likely be going up against a large corporation or massive government agency. These organizations routinely hire numerous lawyers to defend their actions during a whistleblower investigation. Make sure you have someone on your side that knows the law and will protect your rights. Make sure you have Brewer & Pritchard in your corner.

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