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Dishonest military contractors often target overseas U.S. military bases for fraudulent activity. These dishonest companies take advantage of contracts with the military at overseas bases, because there often is so much money at stake. The U.S. government literally spends billions of dollars every year building, staffing and maintaining overseas military bases. At Brewer & Pritchard, our attorneys work with overseas military contractor fraud whistleblowers to hold these corrupt companies accountable. If you have witnessed fraud, contact Brewer & Pritchard today. Call 800-445-8710.

When contractors overcharge or engage in other illegal activity, everyone loses. The U.S. military runs on precious government funding that could be used for other programs or even returned to taxpayers. With so much at stake, we are dedicated to righting wrongs. Every American tax dollar counts.

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Whistleblowers who report fraud committed by contractors at overseas US military bases can be financially compensated for coming forward. The False Claims Act contains provisions which state that whistleblowers will receive a portion of the money recovered by the government in military fraud schemes. We're also very familiar with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which primarily involves bribery of foreign officials.

But such cases are ultimately not about the money. They're about justice and about holding dishonest contractors responsible for their actions. That's why our attorneys take such cases so seriously. When contractors attempt to defraud the U.S. military, these contractors put everyone at risk. After all, we rely on the military to protect us.

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Overseas military contractor fraud cases can be extremely complicated. That's why you need someone you can trust on your side who knows the law and knows how to uncover the evidence many companies don't want to reveal.

When you take a stand against fraud or corruption, you're not simply looking out for your best interests. You're standing up for all Americans who work hard every day and object to our financial resources being wasted on fraudulent purchases. You're setting a precedent that such illegal behavior will not be tolerated.

There are so many reasons why you should contact a lawyer for your overseas military contractor fraud case. Take the first step. Take a stand against corruption. Contact us today. Call 800-445-8710 or fill out our online inquiry form and schedule an appointment.

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