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Military Contractor Fraud Whistleblower

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Military contractor fraud wastes precious government funding on unnecessary products or services, according to attorneys at Brewer & Pritchard, who work with whistleblowers on such cases around the world. Unfortunately, military contractor fraud is nothing new. Contractors and other private businesses have tried to defraud the military for hundreds of years. That's why the False Claims Act was created in 1863: to stop rampant corruption and fraud involving the United States military.

For more than two decades, whistleblowers have relied on attorneys at Brewer & Pritchard to handle their military contractor fraud cases. We know what evidence to look for because we know all the different ways contractors attempt to defraud the government. We're also familiar with the provisions of the False Claims Act which financially compensates whistleblowers as a reward for exposing fraud involving the U.S. military in our country and abroad.

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Some of the most common types of military contractor fraud include:

  • Price fixing among contractors
  • Kickbacks from contractors to military or government officials
  • Bribes from contractors to military or government officials
  • Selling the military defective products
  • Billing the military for services not performed
  • Double billing the military for services or products
  • Overcharging the military for products or services

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Too often, many people who have witnessed wrongdoing think they can handle their military contractor fraud claim on their own. In other cases, they simply get discouraged - or afraid - to file a claim, even though they truly believe that a contractor intentionally broke the law. Contact us. We know how to deal with military contractors breaking the law. We have years of experience and would be proud to put our knowledge to work for you.

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