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Types of Government Contracting Fraud

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Government contracting fraud can take many forms, according to Brewer & Pritchard, a whistleblower law firm that works with people who expose government fraud. Throughout American history, whistleblowers have exposed billions of dollars in fraud, resulting in saving taxpayers billions of dollars in government waste. Since 1986 alone, when the False Claims Act governing government fraud was significantly revised, the American government has recovered more than $27 billion in fraudulent expenditures of taxpayer money with the help of whistleblowers.

Every government fraud case has its own unique characteristics. But there are similarities between many such fraud cases. Some of the most common types of government contracting fraud cases include:

  • Price fixing among government contractors
  • Selling the government defective products
  • Double billing the government for the same products
  • Billing the government for services not performed
  • Overcharging the government for products or services

"How can a lawyer help a whistleblower with government contract fraud?"

Government contracting fraud cases demand an experienced, knowledgeable law firm. The decisions you make today could have a long-term impact on your future. Make sure you make smart choices. Make sure you contact Brewer & Pritchard. We can work with you and make sure we protect your rights.

When you take on large government contractors, you need to be prepared for the legal repercussions of your actions. The contractor you're accusing of fraud might deny any wrongdoing or point the finger at you. Don't be caught off guard. Be prepared. Contact Brewer & Pritchard. We thoroughly understand government contracting fraud cases and the laws governing them. If you are represented by our law firm, we promise to work tirelessly for you. That's because we believe government fraud hurts everyone. And the people who expose such fraud deserve to be commended for their courage.

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