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Brewer & Pritchard's attorneys have successfully recovered funds taken from the government through education fraud schemes. Our attorneys work closely with whistleblowers to expose such forms of fraud. These cases can be extremely complex because they often involve highly orchestrated forms of fraud. That's why it's important you contact us as soon as possible. We can help you explore all your legal options and develop a plan of action with you to put a stop to such illegal activity.

Some of the most common types of educational fraud we handle at Brewer & Pritchard include:

  • False certifications by an educational institution to an accrediting agency
  • Accrediting agencies that accredit educational institutions that don't meet requirements
  • For-profit schools paying recruiters for enrolling students
  • Encouraging students to falsify their academic credentials to obtain federal funding

Other types of fraud in education include financial aid kickbacks, asset misappropriation, skimming, bid rigging, grant misuse or abuse and even the use of "ghost students" to secure financial aid.

Educational fraud whistleblower cases can be complicated. We can help

The government does not have the resources to uncover every dishonest college program profiting from federal financial aid.  That's why whistleblowers play an important role in uncovering wrongdoing. Without whistleblowers, many education fraud schemes might go unnoticed, resulting in millions of dollars in educational aid being diverted to dishonest people instead of going toward students who legitimately need the money.

Because of the seriousness of such crimes, the federal government offers a financial reward to people who report education fraud. The False Claims Act and qui tam law include provisions providing financial compensation to whistleblowers that expose education fraud. By law, these whistleblowers receive a portion of the money recovered by the government.

But such cases are ultimately not about the money. They're about justice and holding people accountable for their actions. Do your part to eliminate corruption. Contact us today. Call 800-445-8710 or fill out our online inquiry form and schedule an appointment.