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Medicaid fraud claims in McAllen, TX have become legendary around the country. Investigative stories by ABC News and The New Yorker magazine have widely reported on alleged Medicaid fraud in the city known by some people as "the town Medicare dollars built."

Doctors, institutions and other health care professionals in McAllen, TX need to be held accountable for their actions. When they fraudulently bill people for unnecessary Medicaid claims, they're cheating everyone in America. All taxpayers are forced to pay for Medicaid fraud. And those unnecessary bills can add up fast.

Our experienced Texas Medicaid fraud lawyers at Brewer & Pritchard know how to carefully investigate such claims. We know what evidence to look for and how to hold medical professionals in McAllen, TX accountable for any fraudulent behavior.

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McAllen, TX Medicaid fraud cases can be extremely complicated and very contentious. Often, doctors and other medical professionals do not admit any wrongdoing. That's why you need someone you can trust on your side who knows the law and knows how to uncover the facts many health care providers don't want you to find.

When you take a stand against Medicaid fraud in McAllen, TX, you're not simply looking out for your best interests. You're standing up for all Americans who work hard every day and object to our precious financial resources being wasted on unnecessary services. You're setting a precedent that such illegal behavior will not be tolerated.

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