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What are Some of the Legal Documents Your Houston Startup Needs?

When starting a new company in Houston, Galveston Island, Montrose and surrounding areas, it is imperative that you take steps to protect your finances and to ensure you set your company on the path to success. Starting a new company involves choosing a business entity, filing all appropriate paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service and the state, and understanding your obligations to employees. check-list-1277878-m

business law attorney in Texas can help you understand some of the legal documents that your company will need to complete and can assist you in taking the necessary steps to get up-and-running while protecting your financial and legal interests.

Legal Documents a Houston Start-up May Require

Every company is different, but some of the different kinds of legal documents that your new business may want to think about include:

  • Articles of incorporation if your business is going to operate as an S-corporation or as a C-corporation. The Texas Secretary of State has forms and information available about filing.
  • An operating agreement if you are forming an LLC or a partnership agreement if you will be operating a partnership. The agreement should address things like management responsibilities, the capital structure of the company, and transfer restrictions.
  • Any relevant operating or business licenses. For example, you need a license to sell alcohol or to do certain types of professional work.
  • Employment agreements. Employment agreements are necessary not only if you are hiring workers but if there are multiple owners who will be working together on the company. The agreement can help to delineate everyone's responsibilities.
  • IRS forms: The type of IRS forms that will be necessary depend upon how your business is organized. You likely will need an employer identification number (EIN) at a minimum. If you are going to operate as a corporation, there will be more IRS papers required, including an S-corp election if you choose to be an S-corp instead of a C-corp.
  • Copyrights, patents or trademarks. If you want to protect your company's intellectual property, you need to know the laws on how to do it. You can protect brands, inventions, tailgates, creative works and other types of intellectual property but need to know which approach is the right one.
  • Workers' compensation paperwork. You can opt in to workers' compensation in Texas if you want to reduce the risk of becoming liable for injuries that your employees could sustain on-the-job.
  • Non-competes and/or non-disclosure agreements. If you want to protect trade secrets and prevent your employees from taking your company's clients, you may wish to consider these agreements. There are significant limitations on any restraints on trade in Texas and not all agreements are enforceable.
  • Employee handbooks and harassment policies. You want to protect your company from a potential lawsuit as you get your business started. This means having clear policies and procedures in place to prevent discrimination on-the-job.

These are just a few of the many different kinds of forms and documents that may be necessary for a new business. You should speak with an attorney about what you need in order to remain in compliance with the law as well as what additional paperwork you should have to ensure your new endeavor is launched upon a solid legal foundation.

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