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Report Shows Success of Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Efforts

The Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act is the local analog to the Federal False Claims Act. Both are intended to help fight Medicaid fraud by encouraging whistleblowers to come forward and report dishonest actions. heres-is-a-tip-1022839-m

If you have evidence of fraud or information that could result in the government identifying Medicaid scammers, it is essential you come forward to take advantage of the benefits provided by the Federal False Claims Act and the Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act (TMFPA). A Medicaid fraud attorney in Texas can assist you in taking the necessary steps to report the fraud and recover a financial reward if the government is able to successfully identify fraud that is costing them money.

Success of Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Efforts

A recent report reviewed whether TMFPA and the False Claims Act have been successful in helping to identify fraud. Although Texas recovery efforts under the False Claims At date back to 2006, the report focused on fighting Medicaid fraud starting after fiscal year 2006. There were 90 cases considered involving settlements or judgments against those who had allegedly been involved in Medicaid fraud.

The data shows that millions of dollars have been saved for state and federal taxpayers even after subtracting for necessary legal fees for recovering money.

According to the Texas report:

  • Between 2006 and 2012, more than $821 million has been recovered through enforcement of TMFPA. More than $348 million of the recovered money was allocated to taxpayers in Texas and in excess of $473 million was allocated to taxpayers at the federal level. The allocations were based on the Medicaid and state/federal sharing system.
  • Nearly half of the recovered money came from fraud cases where the state of Texas led the investigation and the prosecution of the fraud case under provisions of TMFPA.
  • Whistleblowers have been fundamentally important in making these recoveries possible. In total, more than $800 million of the recoveries came in cases that started when whistleblowers spoke out. Whistleblowers may get a portion of the money that the government recovers and are also protected from retaliation for speaking out when the government is being defrauded.
  • More than $75 million has been returned to the state of Texas between 2006 and 2012 because of provisions under TMFPA that require defendants compensate the attorney fee's for the state that prosecuted them.

As this report shows, whistleblowers are making a big difference in the fight against Medicaid fraud. Those who are aware of wrongdoing can both benefit the state and taxpayers and can also enrich themselves by doing the right thing and coming forward with information needed to prosecute the fraud.

In fiscal year 2012, Texas reached record settlement or judgment in a total of 26 cases, exceeding the number of cases that were settled in each of the prior two years. If this trend continues, taxpayers could see significant cost savings and financial advantages as the Texas authorities are successfully able to fight fraud occurring in Medicaid.

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