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New Regulations Could Affect Your Houston Small Business

Businesses throughout in Texas and in particular the greater Houston metropolitan area including Galveston Island and Montrose are expected to be in compliance with all state and federal regulations applicable to their companies. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the rules that your organization is expected to obey. Within just the first seven days of 2015, for example, federal agencies published 300 final rule proposals for new rules and regulatory notices. Regulations.gov has a summary of some of the notices that may lead to new rule making, as well as of the proposed new rules that could one day apply to your company. law books

Keeping up with all of the requirements that are imposed on you is daunting, and ignorance of the law is not generally a defense if you fail to follow all regulations that affect your business. A business law attorney in Texas can help to ensure that you are aware of what your current and future obligations are and can help you to keep up-to-date wit the laws that affect your field.

New Regulations that Could Affect Your Company This Year

While the 300 new proposals released for 2015 are just in the proposal stage and may or may not become obligations your company has to follow, there are some new rules that are definitely going into effect this year.

The Huffington Post has provided a summary of some of the new regulations that could impact you over the course of the year. These include:

  • The "Ban the Box" law. This new regulation imposes restrictions on asking about the criminal record of people applying for jobs with your organization. Many companies previously had a box on their applications that people had to check if they had ever been convicted of a crime. This box, however, has now been banned. Not only may your business no longer be allowed to ask applicants to disclose criminal history information on the initial paperwork, but you may also be restricted from asking about a criminal record during the entirety of the hiring process.
  • Changes to FLSA exemptions. This rule is not quite finalized but has been announced and the details will be forthcoming. The new rules will nearly double the weekly salary threshold that applies for someone to be considered exempt from overtime. When this changes, your organization may find itself becoming responsible for higher payroll costs. The updated rule may also include new requirements mandating that for an employee to be exempt, the majority of his or her time must be spent performing work that is exempt.

These are just a few of the many regulations that may affect your business. The Occupational Safety Health Administration, the Department of Labor and the Texas Workforce Commission all provide more information on specific regulations. You need to ensure you understand all company obligations and you should talk to an attorney for help to avoid potential costly non-compliance issues that could have an adverse impact on business operations.

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