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Notable Cases Handled by Our Attorneys

Our attorneys have won or settled substantial cases. We're proud of our record and know our results demonstrate the excellent representation we consistently provide to our clients.

On this page, we have included links to some court documents we think you will find interesting.

U.S. Marine and Religious Freedom

Founding partner J. Mark Brewer and other attorneys filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of a Marine who says her right to free exercise of religion was violated after she posted messages around her workspace.

To read Brewer's arguments supporting religious freedom for a Marine, please submit a PDF request form.

  • Sterling CU Amicus Brief
  • Sterling CU Motion For Leave to File Amicus Brief
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You also can read a blog post on our site about the issue.

False Claims Settlement

Brewer & Pritchard settled a False Claims Act case (Calisesi et al v. HotChalk Inc. et al) involving a school and company that helps develop internet-based degree programs. The case involving alleged financial aid violations settled for $1 million and led to changes to a program involving payments to student recruiters.

You can watch the news video about this case. Click here.

Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act (TMFPA)

Brewer & Pritchard represented a dentist (In Re: Jabbary et al.) who blew the whistle on multiple unlawful acts under the TMPFA. Counsel for the defense made a series of motions that caused the case to stretch on for months beyond the trial court's decision to hold the defendants liable.

To read Brewer's arguments, the Amicus Brief, Opinions and the Reply Brief on the case, please submit a PDF request form.

  • Rohi Response to Mandamus
  • Qui Tam Amicus Brief
  • Notice of Opinion Distribution
  • Opinion
  • Reply Brief
  • Notice of Electronic Filing
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