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The legal term "due diligence" refers to the research done by companies, especially prior to completing a merger and acquisition deal or a financing transaction. Before finalizing a merger or acquisition or a financing transaction, the company being sold or acquired normally shares its financial information (assets, liabilities, existing contracts, etc.) with the company considering buying the business or providing the financing. A letter of intent to buy a business or merge with another company often includes the terms of a due diligence agreement in the letter.

Due diligence investigations need to be conducted in a timely manner with precise attention to detail. The terms of such investigations and the investigations themselves should be agreed upon in writing up front to avoid legal disputes later between the two companies. At Brewer & Pritchard, we have handled due diligence investigations and have extensive experience reviewing liabilities and contracts of the target company as well as other elements of due diligence.  We apply our knowledge of the law to make sure that documents are legally sound and our clients' interests are fully protected.

Due diligence investigations also often incorporate other legal issues, including confidentiality agreements. That's why it's important that any potential legal pitfall be clearly spelled out between two companies involved in a due diligence investigation.

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Mergers and acquisitions often involve dramatic changes in the life of a business or entire industry. That's why it's critical that your due diligence investigation uncovers as much information as possible. It's better to learn damaging information now than enter into a legally binding agreement that puts the future of your company in jeopardy.

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