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Why Should I Report Medicaid Fraud?

Many people who discover evidence of Medicaid fraud do not know what to do after they uncover this information. Sometimes, an employee working in a billing office might even wonder if he or she should go through the trouble of reporting such activity. It's especially hard if you know and trust the doctor or medical professional who committed such fraud. Reporting such fraud could even put your job or personal safety in danger.

We understand your reluctance to come forward and report Medicaid fraud. However, it's important to consider the implications of your actions if you decide to not report such fraud. If you do not report Medicaid fraud:

  • Other people could be victims of similar fraud schemes
  • You could be criminally prosecuted if you're involved or aware of such fraud
  • The health and well-being of other fraud victims could be put at risk

Medicaid fraud cases in Texas can be complicated. We can help

Medicaid fraud affects everyone. When medical professionals commit this crime, we all lose. Precious state and federal funding goes toward such criminal activity. People's lives are unnecessarily put at risk. Faith in the health care system erodes.

Millions of people around the country legitimately rely on Medicaid for their health care needs. Don't put the program at risk. Protect this safety net created to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Contact us today. Call 800-445-8710 or fill out our online inquiry form and schedule an appointment.

The highly skilled attorneys at Brewer & Pritchard have years of experience handling such complicated cases. We know how to investigate such claims. We know what information to look for. We know how to analyze medical records and bills for evidence of fraud. We leave no stone unturned. Put your trust in us. Contact Brewer & Pritchard today.