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Why should I hire a lawyer if I suspect Medicaid fraud?

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If you discover evidence of Medicaid fraud, your first reaction might be to simply report the criminal activity to the government and not take any other action. I did my part to stop fraud in this health care program, you might think. Why do I need a lawyer if I suspect Medicaid fraud? I didn't do anything wrong.

Don't be so sure that you won't need a need a lawyer if you uncover evidence of Medicaid fraud. There are many legal issues that can come up if you discover Medicaid fraud. By having an experienced lawyer on your side, you have a powerful advocate who can address complex issues that come up and protect your rights.

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Two groups of people often discover evidence of Medicaid fraud: patients and employees. In each case, each person has different legal concerns that need to be taken into consideration.

Patients who suspect Medicaid fraud should hire a lawyer because they likely will be engaged in a long, legal battle with their doctor or other medical professional, or perhaps a big institution such as a hospital or nursing home. You might even need to take legal action if you suffer financially or physically due to health complications caused by fraudulent Medicaid services.

Employees who suspect their employers are committing Medicaid fraud should immediately contact a lawyer. Your employer might claim you acted alone and committed such illegal activity. You could also be terminated from your job. You have too much at risk to wait for the problem to "go away."

Medicaid fraud cases demand experienced Medicaid fraud attorneys

Medicaid fraud cases require highly skilled lawyers with years of training and experience. Don't simply settle for a law firm that might know how to handle your case. Make sure you have legal professionals you can trust and who thoroughly understand the law and have a strong track record to prove it.

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