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Complicated Medicaid fraud cases involving upcoding demand experienced legal advice

Upcoding involves a very subtle, often complicated form of Medicaid fraud, according to attorneys at Brewer & Pritchard. Dishonest medical providers attempt to defraud the Medicaid system by billing for more expensive versions of similar procedures. As a result, sometimes patients do not even realize such fraud has taken place. It's only when they carefully look at their bill that they start to suspect that something is wrong.

The Medicaid system normally reimburses medical providers certain amounts for certain services. When health professionals change these codes in an effort to obtain more money from the Medicaid system, everyone loses. Medical records might be inaccurate. And money that could be used to pay for legitimate medical procedures gets diverted into dishonest health care provider's pockets.

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Upcoding fraud cases demand an experienced, knowledgeable attorney familiar with such complicated cases. The decisions you make today could have a long-term impact on your future. Make sure you protect your legal rights. Make sure you contact Brewer & Pritchard as soon as possible.

You might be a patient. Or you might work in the billing department of a large institution and become aware of upcoding. We have represented people like you who have the courage to step forward and do the right thing. Don't hesitate to contact Brewer & Pritchard for a consultation. Call 800-445-8710.

We thoroughly understand the rules and regulations covering upcoding Medicaid fraud. And we work tirelessly for every client. That's because these cases are about more than just money. They're about justice, about holding people accountable for their fraudulent actions.

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