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Dishonest medical providers often attempt to commit Medicaid fraud by requesting unnecessary medical services for patients. This form of fraud can be difficult to identify. Many doctors or other health care professionals who order unnecessary medical services often deny any wrongdoing. They insist that there was a legitimate reason for performing certain tests or surgical procedures. In some cases, a provider might falsify the diagnosis and symptoms on the patient's records and billings to obtain payment from Medicaid.

The attorneys at Brewer & Pritchard have years of experience investigating such cases. Many dishonest medical providers often perform many similar unnecessary medical procedures. We may be able to help you, whether you are an employee who is acting as a Medicaid whistleblower or you are a Medicaid recipient. If you are represented by our firm, we can investigate whether such patterns exist. We also know what evidence to look for, no matter whether it's an unnecessary medical test or operation.

"Why should I report unnecessary medical services?"

Don't dismiss fraudulent actions as victimless crimes. When medical professionals perform unnecessary medical procedures, everyone loses. Your health could be put at risk. Taxpayers must pay for such unnecessary services, driving up the cost of Medicaid. These unnecessary services also reduce the amount of money available in Medicaid for people who legitimately rely on this program for their health care needs.

Hold corrupt medical professionals accountable. Contact us today. Call 800-445-8710 or fill out our online inquiry form and schedule an appointment. We have worked with many Medicaid whistleblowers in Texas and throughout the country. In some cases, Medicaid whistleblowers are financially compensated for reporting such criminal behavior.

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Fraud cases are not about the money. They are about justice and about holding people responsible for their actions.  We hope to help you send a message that such behavior will not be tolerated. That's why we work so hard on every Medicaid fraud case we handle at Brewer & Pritchard. We believe actions have consequences.

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