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Double Billing For Medical Services

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Medicaid fraud involving double billing for medical services happens far more often than many people might realize, according to Brewer & Pritchard, a law firm in Houston that routinely handles such cases. Health care professionals who try to commit this form of fraud often believe they can do so because Medicaid handles so many claims in Texas and other states throughout the country. This type of fraud typically involves sending a bill to both Medicaid and a private insurance company, or even the patient. In some cases, two providers will ask for payment on the same recipient for the same procedure on the same date.

Medicaid fraud affects everyone. When dishonest medical providers double bill for services, such criminal activity takes precious resources away from the millions of people who legitimately rely on this government health care program. As a result, Medicaid programs must be cut or taxes must be raised to offset such fraudulent charges.

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Because of the seriousness of such fraud cases, the government often rewards whistleblowers who report Medicaid fraud. Brewer & Pritchard has worked with many whistleblowers that have been financially compensated. But ultimately, such cases are not about the money. They're about justice, about holding people accountable for their actions.

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