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What Are Common Examples Of Medicaid Fraud?

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Medicaid fraud can take many forms. From single acts of fraud to large-scale, nationwide criminal activity, some doctors and health care professionals attempt to defraud this government program created in 1965 to provide health care to people who are disabled, elderly or have low incomes.

Federal Anti Kickback Statute

Physicians, dentists, mental health professionals and institutions that commit fraud take precious resources away from people who legitimately need this program. The Houston attorneys at Brewer & Pritchard are committed to working for whistleblowers and patients who come forward to do the right thing. We believe the people who commit these crimes need to be held accountable for their actions.

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In general, most of the fraud cases we handle at Brewer & Pritchard involving the Medicaid system fall into four main categories:

  • Medical Billing Fraud - A provider bills for services not performed, or a nursing home or hospital continues to bill for services rendered to a patient who may have died or left the facility.
  • Unnecessary Services - A provider falsifies the diagnosis and symptoms on a patient's records and bills to obtain payment.
  • Upcoding - Billing for Medicaid services involves the use of a complex system of codes. A provider is committing fraud by "upcoding," or billing for a more expensive procedure.
  • Unbundling - A group of procedures that are done together will often have a special reimbursement rate. Providers that "unbundle" these procedures and bill for them separately might receive more money than they would have under the regular reimbursement rate.

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