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Reporting Healthcare Fraud

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If you suspect your employer is engaging in healthcare fraud or any type of unscrupulous action, you should not sit back and hope it stops. You should not wait for someone else to do the right thing. You should take action now and report the healthcare fraud. Call Brewer & Pritchard immediately: 800-445-8710.

You may have heard that whistleblowers who report Medicaid or Medicare fraud or abuse may receive significant financial rewards. Under the False Claims Act, the government can recover three times the amount of fraud plus fines and penalties. As the whistleblower who brings the lawsuit, you can receive 15 percent to 30 percent if the case is successful.

But you should not try to report healthcare fraud on your own. You may have evidence that your employer acted fraudulently, but your employer may claim you acted on your own and were the one who committed the fraud. You may be concerned about the impact of your actions on your career and your family.

Why work with a False Claims Act attorney?

Why should you choose a whistleblower attorney? You will need to have an attorney representing you in your qui tam lawsuit, because of the complex nature of these cases. False claims act cases and procedures require someone with vast knowledge of this specialized area of the law. As the whistleblower, you will need an attorney on your side who regularly practices in federal court and thoroughly understands qui tam litigation. Brewer & Pritchard has successfully handled a variety of False Claims Act cases. J. Mark Brewer, a co-founding attorney, has tried cases in federal and state courts and has won numerous multi-million jury verdicts.

Why is it important to act quickly with a Healthcare fraud claim?

The False Claims Act requires actions to be filed within a certain time frame.  The action must be filed either six years from the date of the violation of the Act or three years after the government knows or should have known about the violation, but no more than 10 years after the date on which the violation is committed.

Importantly, these cases must be investigated as soon as possible. Evidence and witnesses disappear with time. Memories begin to fade.

How to reach our law firm

At Brewer & Pritchard, we understand every step involved in the whistleblower process. We will handle your case with discretion and sensitivity to your needs. Call Brewer & Pritchard at 800-445-8710. We are based in Houston, Texas, but accept clients throughout the country.