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5 Facts About Whistleblowers and Qui Tam Cases

If you have evidence someone is defrauding the government, you should strongly consider talking with an attorney about becoming a whistleblower. Becoming a whistleblower is the right thing to do so you can prevent the unlawful theft of taxpayer money. You could also be financially rewarded substantially for bringing corruption and fraud to light. Many […]

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Consequences of Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud is a serious problem within the healthcare system. Medicare fraud has severe consequences for patient health and for the long-term viability of the Medicare program. Fighting fraud is of vital importance, but all-too-often investigations are costly, time-consuming and difficult.  The government needs help from whistleblowers to effectively fight Medicare fraud and it rewards […]

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What Triggers a Securities Fraud Investigation?

An investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) can have substantial consequences. When the SEC conducts an investigation, the Commission can impose burdensome demands for documents and can compel witness testimony. Even if the investigation does not escalate to criminal charges or lead to a civil action, the process of the investigation alone can […]

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Kickbacks are a Common Form of Medicaid Fraud

Since January of 2009, the Department of Justice has recovered $31.6 billion on money improperly paid out by the government through False Claims Act cases. False Claims Act allows individuals who become aware of fraud against the government to file claims. If those claims lead to recovery of government funds, the whistleblower who took action […]

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Essence of Securities Fraud Investigations

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) conducts investigations into suspected violations of securities laws. Some of the common situations to trigger an SEC investigation include violations of obligations to treat customers fairly as a broker-dealer; manipulating the market price of securities; providing misleading information about securities; omitting important information about securities; insider trading;  and selling […]

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Disturbing Facts about Medicaid Fraud

In the United States, national health expenditures totaled three trillion dollars in 2014. This amounts to total spending of $9,523.00 per person. Medicaid accounts for 11 percent of national health expenditures, according to  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. In total, $495.8 billion was paid out in Medicaid payments during the course of the 2014 […]

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